Grandmothers LOVE BAK-TALK™

My children gave me BAK-TALK as a gift last Christmas. I'm older now, and I have a hard time seeing out of the back of my Oldsmobile, so I'm very thankful for my BAK-TALK. It lets me drive with more confidence and less worry, especially when I'm in the parking lot at the market.
Thanks to you all at BAK-TALK!

--Edith R., Florida

Why BAK-TALK's™ Echolocation Technology
(just like the U.S. Navy Uses)
is best for YOUR CAR, too!

There is some confusion around and misrepresentation of the ability of backup alert systems. Our vehicle reversing aid uses ‘echolocation’, same as the most sophisticated sonar used by Marine, Navy, and military applications. In each application the sonar is calibrated for the most likely, effective purpose for which it was designed to perform.

No other system can actually ‘see’ 3 dimensional objects other than echolocation sonar in its various forms, one of which is our BAK-TALK™ Vehicle Reversing Aid. Our system’s miniature acoustic detector transmits a modulated beam signal. This beam signal is capable seeing through fog, rain, smoke and snow, most types of weather day and night. When the signal strikes a stationary or moving target “directly”, it bounces back to the receiver and instantaneously sends the signal to the microprocessor.

The 8-bit microprocessor programmed with our exclusive “intelligent control software” processes the feedback signals automatically and transmits the signal to a speaker, alerting the driver of the distance to obstacle. If the microprocessor determines that a particular condition requires the driver to take precaution, special emergency sounds are generated to assist the driver to take corrective action.

The most important differences of our Vehicle Reversing Aid to other backup alert technologies are:

Accuracy – our system is accurate to +/- 2 inches.
Voice Warning – our system is the only one to ‘tell’ you the driver the distance of obstacles behind you.
Object Detection – our system detects both stationary and moving objects continuously.
Other companies have claimed that their system can function through mud or dirt. However if mud, being a very dense matter, were not being detected, then certainly a human being would not be seen at all! We have been manufacturing backup alert system since 1986 and we found our ultrasonic system to be the most capable system in meeting the needs of drivers worldwide.
Distance Detection – our system has the largest detection range from 12” to 8’.
Flexibility – our system can be installed on any type of vehicle.


There are 3 other technologies, Infrared, Microwave & Laser, that have been applied to vehicles as a backup warning system, but each technology has serious limitations as outlines below:

Infrared Technology:

Can become temporarily ‘blinded’ by bright sunlight.
Can fail to differentiate heavy clothing from landscape during low temperature situations.
Average distance accuracy.
Laser Technology:

Heavily dependent upon the light reflectivity of the object it is designed to detect.
Average distance accuracy.
Microwave Technology:

Functions only when either the obstacle or vehicle is moving. Does not detect if both vehicle and obstacles are stationary.
Poor distance accuracy. The microwave system has the worse accuracy of all the backup technologies. Usually +/- 2 feet.


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